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Blog posts for everyday news and gossip!

Having just news / review posts is just not enough these days. It takes a lot more time publishing something detailed and well edited. So from now on, most of little tidbit news will be posted here as a blog post. Might be very short and brief but should allow for up-to-date stuff on anything mobile phones. Could be just links to other website’s news articles, interesting rumours etc. So keep a look out for this place!

ShootSpeak under development

Site is stil under heavy development. The look and feel of the site may constantly change for the next few weeks / months. But please do check often as we will try to fill the site with plenty of news and reviews of Mobile Phones as well as their related accessories!

Goal is to become a must-visit website for the ultimate source of information of Mobile Phones. We are very working hard to provide such content real soon. Feel free to comment on any of the articles or the site at any time.

Thank you!