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Quick Take: Bose QC15 vs Sony MDR-ZX750BN Noise Cancelling Headphones

This is a super duper quick, non-technical comparison based on my personal experience of both headphones.

Bose is more comfortable, lighter & has better noise cancellation. (both passive & active due to its around the ear design) But it does not work if you run out of batteries(AAA), uses a proprietary cable, isn’t wireless and feels more flimsy.

Sony is better in everything else. Better loudness, more louder / punchier bass if needed, better overall sound quality (better mids/highs), Bluetooth wireless (BIG difference), music/call controls, works without batteries (BIG diff), rechargeable via Micro USB cable, works without noise cancellation active, NFC pairing, works with standard 3.5mm audio cable and feels better made (more solid). It’s just not as comfortable (Bose foam is softer & is around the ear) and by design, it isn’t as good in noise cancellation. (it’s quite noticeable)s

Considering comfort is very much subjective, it’s hard to compare. Regardless, Bose is definitely more comfortable still. But due to its lower price, better sound quality, performance and features, Sony MDR-ZX750BN is a clear winner of the two.

Windows Phone 7 OS review @ GSMArena

GSMArena has put up an in-depth review of the upcoming mobile phone OS from Microsoft called Windows Phone 7.

It might have the word “Windows” inthe name but it certainly isn’t something we are all used to.

Also, look at the disadnatages section of this OS. Now that doesn’t look so good.

But still, it’s an interesting addition to the mobile phone OS sector and surely will gain a lot of fans.

So check it out to see what Microsoft has whipped up to try and gain some market share back!