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Nokia N8 overview video Part 3 released

Nokia Senior Project Manager’s Nokia N8 video overview triology is now complete. The last part of the overview of Nokia N8 has been let loose and it covers some of its multimedia aspects such as the music player and the HDMI interface for video and audio out in HD format straight to your HDTV. It’s not overly exciting but still, you get a glimpse of what you can do and the 3D album selection scrolling in the music player quite impressed me as it was fast and smooth with no lags. For Part 1 and 2 videos, check out this post.

Part 3 video


Nokia showcases the creative power of Nokia N8


Following the Part 1 video showing us the overview of the Nokia N8, Nokia has put out a Part 2 video this time showcasing its creative side. The video goes through the super speedy photo browser, editing the photos in-phone and also the very user friendly Video Editor. Seeing as though Apple iPhone with iOS4 will also have this feature included, it will be interesting to see how this will compare. Nokia N8 is scheduled to be released at Q3 this year.

For those who do not know what Nokia N8 is all about, check out my article @ Capsule Computers before I started ShootSpeak.