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HTC Mozart Windows Phone 7 phone soon?

This news is seriously part of the rumour mill category but it’s quite interesting nonetheless. A community forum user vertex214 has taken a photo of a seemingly internal-only Telstra (Australia’s largest telco) document that shows a mysterious device from HTC named Mozart. What is more interesting is that it will be a Microsoft Windows Phone 7 OS phone. You can clearly see that the LCD shows a Windows Phone 7 GUI which is easy to distinguish.

Also, some of the other details are as interesting. Volume critical is the objective and the timing is October. Obviously this year. Lastly but not least, it is being sold on a $49 cap which actually translated this phone into a mid-range smartphone and not a high end. (Usually in Australia, higher end phones generally are available for $69/m or higher plans initially)

I’m sure we will get to hear more about this mesterious HTC phone soon if it is indeed going to be released in around 4 months time!