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Nokia N9 Performance Test Roundup

Here is a bunch of timed and measured raw speed tests of the Nokia N9 64GB for those who likes to see the numbers. =)

My PC:
– Q6600 + Abit IP35 Pro (Only USB 2.0)  + 8GB RAM + 7200rpm standard Samsung 1TB HDD
– Billion 7300N 802.11n WiFi modem/router
– Windows 7 Ultimate  x64

– Your PC setup can affect the transfer rate compared with mine.
– Your WiFi router can affect the transfer rate compared with mine.
– Having more maps installed may affect Map/Drive loading times.


Time to boot up

– Around 55 seconds
– This is from pressing the power button to when the launcher icons show up on the screen.
– As soon as the launcher appears on the screen, phone is fully responsive with zero lag.

Nokia ripple launch animation


File Transfer rate

From PC to N9 via USB cable (mass storage mode)
– 20MB/sec (constant average while copying a 1GB file using teracopy)
– 16GB model seems to be slower in USB copy speed. (~14MB/sec write)
– As I don’t have the 16GB model, please let me know what you get. =)

From N9 to PC via USB cable (mass storage mode)
– 25MB/sec (constant average while copying a 1GB file using teracopy)

From PC to N9 via WiFi 11n (ssh sftp over wireless using tunnelier)
– 4.0MB/sec (copying 300MB file took 1 min 20secs)

From N9 to PC via WiFi 11n (ssh sftp over wireless using tunnelier)
– 2.6MB/sec (copying 300MB file took  1 min 55secs)

Loving the speed!


App loading times

Maps (only Australia map installed)
– 16 seconds (launched after fresh reboot and until it was responsive)
– 15 seconds (when reopened 10 seconds after closing the Maps app)
– It can take up to 30 seconds with more than 5 maps installed.

Drive (only Australia map installed)
– 5 seconds (after fresh reboot and until it was responsive)
– 4 seconds (when reopened 10 seconds after closing the Drive app)

NFS Shift
–  18 seconds (from launch to when the home menu shows up)

Angry Birds
–  4 seconds (from launch to when the PLAY button shows up)

Maps app takes a while to start up


Camera Speed

– I didn’t bother measuring anything as it’s VERY quick. It is quicker than all mobile phones out so far.
– See the following chart by Nokia for total time from when camera is launched to when 1st picure is taken. (source)

N9 is the quickest although the difference is very small.



– Here is a video that I just took of myself opening various apps and multi-tasking between them.
– Apologies for the jumpy focus. I will see if I can fix focus next time. (was taken using my N8)
– I wasn’t really prepared very well so I forgot to try more apps. (missed Angry Birds for example)



Web Browser Benchmarks

– All these browser tests were run with the DEFAULT web browser with no other apps open in the task switcher.
– I will update this with Fennec (Firefox Mobile) later this week to compare another browser’s performance on N9.
– Click on the screenshots to see the full resolution image of the screenshot.

Default Web Browser http://peacekeeper.futuremark.com/
Default Web Browser http://acid3.acidtests.org/
Default Web Browser http://html5test.com/
Firefox Mobile (Fennec 0.9a1) http://html5test.com
Default Browser SunSpider 0.9.1 test http://www.webkit.org/perf/sunspider-0.9.1/sunspider-0.9.1/driver.html
Default Browser SunSpider 0.9 test http://www.webkit.org/perf/sunspider-0.9/sunspider-driver.html
Firefox Mobile (Fennec 0.9a1) SunSpider 0.9 test http://www.webkit.org/perf/sunspider-0.9/sunspider-driver.html


Check out the latest Anandtech’s Sunspider 0.9 test results (including new iPhone4S) to compare the N9 results with.



Most other default apps take less than 1-3 seconds to load. That includes things like camera, facebook, twitter, gallery etc etc. So yeah, I only mentioned stuff which was worth measuring or might be interested in.

I will try to add more as I find more things to add. Please feel free to make a request if you have something you want timed or measured. But do try to request something which you believe will take a good few seconds as I don’t want to start measuring split seconds. I can’t be that accurate and there’s too many factors that can affect such short time periods. =P