Nokia N900 Review


Nokia N900 is a unique device among the many smartphones that are available in the market currently. It is marketed as a Mobile Computing device and also many people refer it as a Nokia Internet Tablet with 3G GSM connectivity for phone calls and internet on the go. However, most consumers will consider the N900 as just another smart phone and that’s okay as it can be used just like one without much compromise. Considering the fact that it’s not much bigger, slower or less featured than most of the current and upcoming Android/Apple/Bada devices out there, it’s defintiely still in the game 7+ months after its initial release.

Note: Nokia N900 has already been out for over 6 months in EU and US. Most of the reviews that you will find on the web are based on a 1.0 firmware version. Things have changed since then as version 1.2 firmware is now available and the OVI store is finally serving paid apps. This article will not be a standard full review of the N900 that you’ll see in other websites. It will be more straight to the point covering only certain aspects that make or break the N900 and hopefully will give you a better understanding of what you will get when you purchase the N900.

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