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Samsung Omnia 7 arrived @ ShootSpeak

My work allows me to expense a mobile phone every 2 years but prohibits Android phones. As I had an iPhone4, various Nokia phones already, I decided to get a Windows Phone 7 phone to expand the variety of OS that I could cover. So I ordered and received the Samsung Omnia 7 phone as it was one of few rare WP7 phones that had an AMOLED screen for nice blacks that falls within the price range.

First impressions are good. Phone is well built and has a physical home button (instead of capacitive touch button) which I prefer. Model I have is the 16GB version also. It has a vibrant 4″ Super AMOLED screen which is the same as SGS1. But other than that, the rest of the hardware specs are not really any different from any other current first-generaton WP7 phones. Overall, the Omnia 7 is an excellent phone for the price as it was around half the price of SGS2.

I updated the OS version to NoDo and have tried various things such as web browsing, market place, few games, camera, email, facebook, zune etc. WP7 OS definitely has its unique factor and in many ways feel and look much better than any other mobile phone OS. The UI transitions and animations are so much smoother than ANY Android phone that’s for sure. Also, it has one of the best facebook integration in a phone I’ve seen. So if you are a facebook buff, definitely take a look at a Windows Phone device.

I then decided to try out the Mango Beta update today. So I followed this super simple method to update my phone to Mango Beta via Zune. Process was smooth and after around 30minutes, my Omnia 7 booted up with Mango. Overall look doesn’t change but it obviously has had many improvements which I could notice here an there. Better looking live tiles for some apps, different web browser, multi-tasking via holding the back button, better looking xbox live hub, a better email client with server searching etc etc. Oh, and it has proper native Korean support as well now. Awesome.

I’ve only used it for a few hours with Mango Beta installed but I’m already liking it much more than when it didn’t have the update. I’ll surely be writing more about WP7 as time goes by and can’t wait for the final Mango update to be released around September.


Nokia WP8 phones will use Dualcore ST-Ericsson U8500 SoC!

ST Ericsson CEO said Nokia Windows Phone 8 mobile phones will be using their own U8500 dual core SoC (system on chip) with a Mali-400 GPU. (Same GPU used as the Samsung  Galaxy S2)

Considering how smooth Windows Phone 7 runs on current Qualcomm single core CPU with slower GPUs, it will be very interesting to see how much improvements we will see out of it.

But at least it will mean higher resolution dispplay support, better game graphics, up to 1080p videos etc.
But we can’t get too excited yet as the Mango update (aka Windows Phone 7.5) hasn’t even been released.
So I doubt we will see any devices using these new hardware until possibly next year.

Update June 8th – Seems Nokia is now targetting for Q4 2011 launch of some of their WP phones!

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Windows Phone 7 OS review @ GSMArena

GSMArena has put up an in-depth review of the upcoming mobile phone OS from Microsoft called Windows Phone 7.

It might have the word “Windows” inthe name but it certainly isn’t something we are all used to.

Also, look at the disadnatages section of this OS. Now that doesn’t look so good.

But still, it’s an interesting addition to the mobile phone OS sector and surely will gain a lot of fans.

So check it out to see what Microsoft has whipped up to try and gain some market share back!