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First Apple iPhone 4 sample photos

Apple has put up some “untouched original” sample photos taken with the 5MP camera that’s onboard the new iPhone4 and it looks very impressive indeed. It will be interesting how it will fair up when shot indoors in a more difficult lighting situation. But these bright outdoor photos look as good as any standalone digital camera and looks to surpass most if not all current mobile phones in terms of sheer detail and clarity. However, you can see that it does have some noise reduction artifacts that makes some parts of the image more like a water paint than a photo. Still, it definitely doesn’t affect the feel of the photo too much and doesn’t show up on most other photos so I think it’s a good compromise. See a 100% crop image below for what I mean.

Unfortunately, there’s still no sign of any 720P at 30fps sample HD videos yet but when it’s out, you’ll be sure to see it mentioned here.


Apple iPhone 4 offically announced

Apple has finally unveiled the mysteries behind the new iPhone4. We all knew how it looked like (thanks to Gizmodo) but  now we know what it is capable of as well. It’s definitely a step up from the iPhone 3GS but it doesn’t look like it is a revolutionaly new device in terms of hardware and its capabilitities that many of us hoped for. (Such as a higher megapixel camera, extra memory card support, 3G video call support etc) Nontheless, I’m sure this will be even a bigger hit than the iPhone 3G and 3GS.

– 960×640 IPS Multi-touch capcitive LCD (awesome)
– Same 1Ghz A4 CPU as iPad (speedy 1ghz Cortex A8)
–  5MP Camera with LED flash (meh)
– 720P HD Video recording at 30fps (getting fairly common now)
–  16GB or 32GB built-in storage. No extra microsd slot. (meh)
– Can do video calls but only over wifi and only between  iPhone4 (what?)
– Hardened glass body. Both front and back. (very sexy)
–  US$199 for 16GB and US$299 for 32GB model. (quite cheap)

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