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ShootSpeak.com is an independant website dedicated to providing the latest news and reviews of Digital Photgraphy equiment and Mobile Phones of all kinds. ShootSpeak.com was founded in June 2010 by Jay Kim in hope to provide the readers with unbiased content that will assist in their next purchase.

Please feel free to contact us on admin@shootspeak.com if you have any requests, concerns or questions about the website.


Jay Kim
Founder & Chief

Jiwan Yoo
Principle Editor

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  1. How can I switch to the front camera on my N9? No information in the Guide.
    Also, why cant I get a response from the Nokia site? A bit slow to support the N9.

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  2. Hello

    I am Simon from the UK phone comparison website Best Mobile Contracts and I am interested in writing for your website as a guest author. I write for the Best Mobile Contracts News section and I can provide examples of previous guest posts if you are interested in this offer.

    Let me know if this is something that you might be willing to discuss,

    I look forward to hearing from you soon,
    Kind Regards

    Simon Drew

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  3. Hi!!

    As you are very skilled in this filed, i wanna try to solve a doubt.

    In some camera devices unluckily the exposure doesn’t adjust following the point of focus, but is calculated in another way (i think central weighted..)

    Many devices, from iPhone to Samsung Wave have this feature, but others don’t have it, like all those mounting Windows Phone8, or even some Samsung Galaxy.

    I there a technical explanation, (e.g some hardware limitations?) or is it only a choice of manufacturer? Has this feature a technical name?

    Thanks in advance… =))

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    1. Hi, what you are talking about is metering types. Exposure following the point of focus (or more like a small area) is called spot metering. The reason why some phones do not have this feature is not due to a hardware limitation but due to manufacturer not implementing it in software.

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  4. Hello, I very bad speak English.
    But , very senks fo you working, and say ,help me,what (them) delete double.sh ( i install double.sh and mce.ini in directory MyDocs )?? double push power button work but trouble- colour profile dont chenge!!! help. senks
    n9,hatmattan 1,3

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