Nokia Lumia 800 Australia Treasure Hunt starting May 7th!

Nokia Australia and Telstra are going to give away (well, sort of) 2 white coloured Lumia 800 mobile phones every weekday of next week. Basically, they will hide 2 phones somewhere within the city (I assume the CBD?) and with the clues provided on Telstra’s Facebook page, you go looking for it and it’s yours if you find it. Not just that but you also get a $1000 credit prepaid SIM with 2GB of data. Awesome!

I hope they make it challenging enough yet not too obvious that both disappear within like 30 minutes of releasing the hint. But at least they should mention the street name as a 1st hint so I don’t search 10 km away from where it actually is hidden. =p

Anyways, a total of 10 white Nokia Lumia 800s are up for grabs as part of the #LumiaQuest treasure hunt across five major cities in Australia – with two phones to hidden in each city every day next week:

Monday – 7 May 2012 –Brisbane
Tuesday – 8 May 2012 –Melbourne
Wednesday – 9 May 2012 –Perth
Thursday – 10 May –Adelaide
Friday – 11 May – Sydney

Clues will be posted on Telstra’s Facebook page each day. Whoever finds the phones will get to keep the white Nokia Lumia 800, which will also come with aTelstra $50 Pre-Paid Cap Encore recharge with $1000.00 credit and 2GB of data to get started.

More information about the competition can be found on the Telstra blog:

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