Quick side by side size comparison – iPhone4/N9/SGS2/Note

Size comparison photo #1: iPhone4 - N9 - SGS2 - Galaxy Note
Size comparison photo #2: iPhone4 - N9 - Galaxy Note

Nothing fancy. Just 2 photos I took while I was at a restaurant with my friends.

It’s quite useful when your friends all have different mobile phones. =)


9 thoughts on “Quick side by side size comparison – iPhone4/N9/SGS2/Note”

  1. Woah the Note’s huge! LOL. Still, gotta love that screen…
    I’m looking into getting a dedicated PMP for cheaper, & prolly just as good for videos.

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  2. You should look into some of the PMP’s about, many are Android-based.
    I haven’t had a chance to closely research yet, but I’ve no doubt there’ll be some gems.

    In what way does it support Korean better?
    I thought it was easy-enough to add any Korean support that’s missing in Maemo6x?

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    1. Well, Note can play pretty much every media file under the sun (up to 1080p) and it’s also a phone. So I wouldn’t need to carry multiple devices doing different things. (I require at least 2 phones anyways. 1 for work, 1 for personal)

      The email client on the N9 is super lacking for work emails. It cannot search the Global Address List. So if you want to send emails to 10 people on the same Exchange server, you need to type in their full email addresses. It’s absolutely crazy. How am I supposed to remember email addresses of the entire company? Apparently this should be resolved in PR1.2. But right now, it’s not good for using it as my work phone which is annoying.

      In terms of Korean, Harmattan was never intended to support Korean. Hence it does not allow proper input of Korean. You have to press space bar after every character or it will get corrupt. So you can’t type like english at present. It’s the limitation in Meego Touch framework apparently. Swype in Symbian/Harmattan does not support Korean either and some Korean characters in apps does not display properly and becomes all garbled. Basically, Nokia doesn’t care for Koreans. Never have. =(

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    2. Fair enough….
      I only want 2 phones at once *tops* (maybe a few other ‘toys’)
      But I’m still interested in a dedicated PMP.

      I hope they’re sure about PR1.2 rectifying the GAL issue.

      Surprised about the poor Korean…
      Are other major OEM/OS’s (aside from Sammy) just as bad?

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    3. All Android support Korean perfectly fine. Same for iOS devices.
      Never used Blackberry/WebOS so not sure there.

      Symbian was always bad or near impossible until recently when a community dev made a keyboard app. (not native keyboard still)
      Maemo5 on N900 was bad until someone got MSCIM working on it few months after its launch.
      But then, you had to forgo the VKB as MSCIM disables VKB. Also, the Korean input was buggy still via HW keyboard.
      Now with N9, situation is actually worse than N900 right now. Even more buggy using the VKB.
      So yeah, it hasn’t been easy for me being a Nokia user. =P

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  3. I’m really quite surprised that Symbian & Maemo support has been that bad.
    I guess one or both are better than iOS/Android in other languages *apart* from Korean.

    “Now with N9, situation is actually worse than N900 right now. Even more buggy using the VKB.”

    You mean the VKB’s worse than MSCIM + N900’s qwerty when using Korean.
    But otherwise the N9’s VKB is vastly better than the N900’s VKB right?

    Have you tried pairing a Korean BT qwerty with your N9 yet? (it is possible to pair BT qwerty’s now)
    I guess you’d need MSCIM support 1st, even then there’s no guarantee that Korean input won’t be buggy.
    And maybe it might also affect the VKB, like it did on the N900…

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    1. Yeah, the VKB on N9 is more annoying than the MSCIM+N900 Qwerty keyboard for inputting Korean. (due to needing to hit space bar after every word/character) There is no such thing as Korean BT qwerty also. The OS needs to support the input language and dictionary. Ah well.

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  4. But otherwise the N9’s VKB is vastly better than the N900’s VKB right?

    “There is no such thing as Korean BT qwerty.”

    So you’d just buy a standard English-US portable BT qwerty + MSCIM.
    I wonder if it works better in that regard now than it did for the N900?

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