Nokia N9 case review – Nokia CC-3015

I didn’t like the standard case the N9 comes with in the retail packaging as it blocked my earpiece speaker hole and just didn’t make my N9 feel “nice”. So I got the CC-3015 as it was the only genuine Nokia N9 snap-on case you could buy. (I don’t like pouches or full leather cases which cover the screen.)

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Anyways, Here are my thoughts and impressions with pictures below:

1. It snaps on tight and there is no way it will come off by accident or dropping etc. There is zero rattle or looseness to it. Although, it does allow about 1mm of slide up or down so that the top of bottom of the N9 can protrude out of the case. However, unless you slide it purposely yourself, it does not slide by itself easily so this is a non-issue in my books.

2. When laid flat on the screen side on to a table, the entire glass front does not touch the desk surface. This means that you can place it face down without a fear of scratching your glass. (yes, Gorilla glass does scratch quite easily still. I have quite a few scratches and chips already on mine)

3. As it has an indented cutout on the sides, it does not intefere with the swipe motion whatsoever. This is my favourite part. It doesn’t interfere with the volume or power button presses also.

4. Is it real leather? Anyways, it feels fairly classy and even has real thread stitching which adds some extra touch. It does not feel like it will rip easily or get loose/stretched. It’s very tightly and near seamlessly glued on to the hard case itself. It’s not as soft as I expected. Seems like a very thin leather. Not a minus. Just saying. I actually don’t mind the squircle design either. Although, I would have preferred white instead of pink squircles on my black version. =P

5. I would have preferred the hole for the camera and the LED flash to be bigger. Although it doesn’t interfere with the camera too much, there is always a potential of extra light reflections from the outer edge of the camera hole. Also, the LED light output would be somewhat affected as well due to it slightly blocking the outer spill light from reaching wider angles. I haven’t tested this yet and maybe it’s not an issue in real life but I thought I would mention this anyways.

6. It improves the grip-ability of the N9 also significantly. It no longer feels like it’s going to slip out of my hand while holding it. No way. I love how this case gives you that extra tactile feedback while holding the phone. The four protruding corners make it feel much more secure in my hand. This is a huge plus for me.


Overall, I really like it. It’s definitely better than the standard silicon/rubber case it comes with in terms of looks and it also protects the glass front on flat surfaces. I would have hoped Nokia made the case more like the Nokia N8 case (CC-3000) which to me feels better and is also lighter and thinner. But this CC-3015 case is still worth the money for those who wants a genuine case, don’t mind the colorful design and want a nice snap-on hard case that feels great in hand.

Anyways, I recommend this case. It’s staying on my N9 that’s for sure. =)



** Click on the photo for a larger image.

It’s quite easy to attach / detach the case from the N9

You can see the gap between the desk surface and the screen
The protruding corners are creating the gap




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