Fix (lock) location of thumbnails in the task switcher. [Nokia Challenge Idea]

Nokia IdeasProject is currently running a challenge for the users to submit their ideas on how to improve the Nokia N9 experience.

I have submitted another idea which is to Fix (lock) location of thumbnails in the task switcher.

 Please vote on the idea if you believe it is a good idea and will be useful on the N9

– To allow locking / fixing the location of the thumbnails in the task switcher.
– It would also be good to exclude it from closing the app with ‘close all” options when locked.
– It would also be good to allow relocation of the thumbnails like the icons in the launcher.

– This will allow the user to lock the position (set an order number*) to his/her favourite apps to the desired position in the task switcher.
– This will allow the user to exclude the locked apps from being closed when “close all” option is selected. (Meaning selective “close-all”)
– This will allow the user to not have to hunt around and even guess which thumbnail is the desired app. Makes user more productive.
– This will allow user to not have to close the app and later reopen the frequently used apps. This minimized the app loading time and wait time.

1. At the task switcher, tap and hold the thumbnail as normal to go into the edit mode.
2. The thumbnail should now display not just the close icon but a “lock” icon also.
3. At this point, user may be able to drag and move it to the desired location/order.
4. Then user can tap the lock icon on that thumbnail to lock the order/position.
5. Once a thumbnail is locked, this will now hide the close button for that thumbnail until it is unlocked.
6. At this point, the app/thumbnail cannot be closed by the “close-all” option.
7. Once the lock icon is pressed again, it will unlock the thumbnail and will return back to normal behaviour.

* meaning that it will assign a number to iself depending on the order of where it is located. Then this number can be used to rearrange itself regardless of it being switched between 2×2 or 3×3 grid.  The order number will change if the thumbnail is relocated and it will also update all other apps’ order number which were changed by the move.

e.g. (I can’t draw…. but hope you get the idea… Blue button can be the lock icon/button…)


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