Live wallpaper support for N9 and make your own live wallpaper (Nokia Challenge idea)

Nokia IdeasProject is currently running a challenge for the users to submit their ideas on how to improve the Nokia N9 experience.

Here is another one of my ideas which could enhance the N9 or the Swipe UI.
Live wallpaper support for N9. Please vote / hit the LIKE button if you like this idea. =)

Currently, you cannot give the UI any personality other than the lock screen which isn’t the main portion of the SwipeUI.

So the home screens of the SwipeUI is always the same regardless of the user.
SwipeUI does not allow N9 to feel more “my own”. There is no individuality.

Wallpaper suggestion #1

Make N9 have the capability to make your own live wallpaper using the N9 camera.
– Have an option to record your own 5-30 second video and convert it into a live wallpaper.

  • Shoot vertically to have that video play in a static position. (wallpaper doesn’t move while swiping across homescreens)
  • Shoot horizontally to have a video play across 3 homescreens. (where it may show only 1/3 of the video per homescreen)

– This will REALLY make the N9 stand out in the crowd.
– Or support at least animated gif images for live wallpaper support while implementing suggestion #2 below.

Wallpaper suggestion #2

Standard static image wallpaper support.

1. One static image per homescreen wallpaper. This allows for 3 different images for the 3 home screens.
2. One static image shown across all 3 homescreens where each homescreen shows only 1/3 portion of the wallpaper.

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