Display Korean font in Nokia N9 (and update on input)

Screenshot of N9 Web browser displaying Korean font

I got Korean to display system wide on my N9 out of luck!

It works everywhere from what I can tell. Skype chat, web browser, Facebook app, Music/Video player etc.

Basically, you just have to copy one Korean-capable ttf file into /usr/share/fonts directory.

1. I used 1 Korean TTF font file that was compatible with Nokia Symbian phones.
2. I connected to N9 via ssh/sftp client. (N9 has ssh server built-in and enabled by default)
3.  Copied the file into /use/share/fonts/ directory
4. Reboot the phone

(without a reboot, it uses it still but not in some parts such as the web browser)

I have no idea how it just decides to use that font instead of others but hey, I’m not complaining! 

Big thanks to cepiperez @ meego forum for the font directory location.
Now all I need is Korean input support and I’ll be VERY happy.

UPDATE: Korean input (native keyboard) & font is now available to install from this article!!

6 thoughts on “Display Korean font in Nokia N9 (and update on input)”

  1. Hello, Got a N9 but don’t know how to use ssh/sftp client. Can you help me to how to connect my N9 device so that I can add Korean font? I could use font cache with N900 but don’t know yet how to use ssh/sftp client using N9. I believe this is really essential information. Thank you in advance, Regards, Aldermaston, England.

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    1. If you can’t connect via SSH, try just copying it manually to /usr/share/fonts/

      1. Copy the font file to your N9 via USB to the root folder. (/home/user/MyDocs/)
      2. launch Terminal app
      3. Type “devel-su” and enter
      4. Type “rootme” for password
      5. Type “cp /home/user/MyDocs/filename.ttf /usr/share/fonts/”
      6. Reboot your N9

      (Ensure the filename.ttf is changed accordingly to your font filename)

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