Nokia N9 is coming to soon! (It’s arrived!)

I have been advised by Nokia Australia that a Nokia N9 (64GB model) will be arriving by courier to my doorstep in the next 24 hours!

I will be updating on my twitter @ShootSpeak as soon as it arrives and any little snippets/updates as I test out the phone.

Feel free to ask anything that you want to know via the comments and I will try to answer them if I am able to test/answer/get around to it.
(Please do note that I will be a N9 newbie also. So it may take some time to answer some or may not be able to.)

Some of the things I will do immediately once I get my N9 are as follows:
– Sync my contacts somehow. (via my gmail or bluetooth etc)
– Copy a large file and see what transfer speed I get in MB/sec.
– Try some video files in various formats. (various profile H264 etc)
– Setup my gmail accounts (i have a few)
– Setup mail for exchange for my work email / calendar
– Setup facebook account
– Setup twitter account
– Setup skype account
– Web browsing various sites

Obviously, I will do a lot more than this so I will comment on any interesting things I find.

All I can do now is pray to the courier gods to ensure that it arrives to me quickly and safely! =)

UPDATE: It has arrived!  See some more pics @

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  1. yes, this:

    clock/alarm settings:
    – can you set multiple alarms for the same day?
    – set the alarms recurrent only for workdays?
    – change snooze delay/duration?
    – does the alarm ring for only one minute and allows only a maximum of 5 snoozes (like the E71)?

    yeah, i’m not a morning type person kinda’ guy….


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  2. Hi,

    Can you check the following for me:

    1. Time how fast is the start up time from off to on to fully functional
    2. Maps/Drive app: time it to see how fast it loads from NOT previously opening it
    3. Drive App: how fast and accurate it is
    4. Emails: How fast Gmail and MfE sync and update new mail
    5. Facebook: Check in function?
    6. Camera: usage of the front camera (not just for skype) but can you take pic of yourself and the quality of the image
    7. Post some real photos of the N9 taken normally from a normal user like yourself
    8. Bluetooth pairing with a car (if possible)


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    1. I’ll answer what I can right now, will edit it later if I try others.

      1. It’s about 50-55 seconds. Soon as the launcher comes on, it’s responsive immediately.
      2. After a fresh reboot, Maps app takes 30 seconds to launch. Then I closed it, reopen it takes 21 seconds.
      3. It’s fast and as accurate as needed it seems. I used it today in the car and it was perfectly acceptable.
      4. It can sync/update as often as needed. Seems to be as quick as my outlook on my work laptop for MfE also.
      5. I can’t see one.
      6. I can’t find a way to use the front facing camera. Not even from the camera app. (Skype doesn’t support video on N9)
      7. I did some today. But yeah, I’ll do more when I can.
      8. Don’t have a car with bluetooth. But I synced my contacts from my N8 via bluetooth. Also. NFC pairing with my BH-505 headset works flawlessly. (even while BH-505 is off)

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    2. Facebook checkin using using Add it to apps from the browser, Menu>Add to Apps, for easy access…

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  3. One more thing if possible…see if Gmail on the N9 can sync the calendar events in your gmail to the N9 calendar.

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    1. There is no calendar sync within the gmail account section in the N9. However, N9 supports calDAV account which I believe supports using gmail account to sync the calendar with. So you should have no problems with syncing google calendar with the N9.

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  4. Hi Jay just looking through your photos and the one with the contents of the box shown you have something in a plastic bag.Is that the silicone case that is meant to come with the phone?Congratulations by the way.

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    1. Yes, it’s the black silicon case for the N9. In Australia at least, it comes with every N9. (In the same color as the N9 you buy)

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  5. 1. Can it play back SRT or SUB subtitles on divx files
    2. When is it available in Australia in retail stores

    That is all :)

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    1. 1. I only tried SRT so far and no, it doesn’t show it. I highly doubt it’ll show SMI or SUB either. (will try later if I can)
      2. It is already available in some stores. (such as Harvey Norman) Crazy Johns also has them today.

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  6. Hey Jay,

    Just reiterating from whirlpool – I know you’re no doubt busy! – if you wouldn’t mind checking out IM (esp FB) integration. Does it work much like the n900? (Ie no disconnects (even when it appears connected)/missed messages/failure to reconnect when changing internet connections) etc.


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    1. It seems to have kept the N900 behavior of always trying to be online. I will need to use it a bit more to see if my first impression is correct however.

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  7. Could you check the ToDo’s in calendar? Does it have alerts dor todo’s and checkboxes? Also, is there more than 1 alert for calendar or todo entries?

    Thx. And congrats on getting it early!!

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    1. To do is well laid out. It does have an alarm reminder for the todo and you can specify the reminder time also to the exact hour and minute you want. (Same day, 1/2/3 day or 1 week before for the day selection) You can also specify which calendar for it to be added to and extra notes. But you can’t have more than 1 alert for each todo.

      Once todo is created, it also shows up in the days view calendar and there is even a check box next to the todo subject name.

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  8. Thx Jay! Much appreciated info!!! Hope it’s been an awesome experience for you to use so far. Actually, was lucky today to test one out at Virgin Mobiles. The guy was nice enough for me to run it through it’s paces for 20 mins. Can’t wait to get mine this Friday now!!

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  9. Got the N9 on 5/10/2011.

    Issues i have found are :

    1. Frontal camera doesnt work – There is no menu for it. Severe Fault ! !

    For me this is reason good enough to hand the phone back, No video call or using cam on skype is not good enough in 2011

    2.No comments from Nokia regarding front camera as i have found.

    Poor updating from Nokia. I even called customs support – they didnt know and to make matters worse they hung up on me when the clerk said he would look into it! – poor customer handling.

    3.Starting games and switching to multi task menu “too fast” makes game app vanish – game doesnt load.
    Not a big deal just wait a couple of secs before switching screen.

    4. Slow start
    Not a big issue – but i would expect a slightly faster start.

    Just my 2 cents .

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  10. Side note :

    1. Had some errors installing a file ( something camera) , it installed the driver on my computer but something went wrong 3 times before it installed. ( running Vista :S at the moment )

    Besides these issues ( also above post) i have noting to say about the phone performance.
    I am happy with most things – except the frontal camera part , that needs an instant official reply from Nokia as to when it will be available.

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    1. I am happy with most things – except the frontal camera part , that needs an instant official reply from Nokia as to when it will be available.

      I agree. The front camera is not used for anything right now. It’s back to the initial N900 situation again. It’s there but unused. Why?

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  11. Question, for the maps, let’s say I want to know the phone number for a restaurant, does the Nokia map allow you to search for the place name and then it provides you with the info?

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    1. I just did a search for a restaurant within the Maps app and it searched via internet and located the restaurant in the map. I click on that restaurant marker on the map and it shows the full address, star rating (user rating), full address, contact details if any (including phone number), and trip advisor review comments all in a single screen. Very nice. You can also share this map location (ovi maps url) via twitter, facbook, sms, email etc, set it as a favourite, or get turn by turn naviagtion to the location. So yes, it’s fully featured in this regard.

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  12. Nokia Ovi suite :

    Tried to connect my N9 to the Nokia ovi suite.
    Turns out the program doesnt support the N9 telephone.

    Kinda sad that about 1 week after release their main program isnt working on their “flagship” telephone.

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  13. Tried to connect my N9 with Bluetooth and its not supported.

    Maybe Nokia should have held back sales for a week and fixed these errors , Some of the functions are severely influencing us users and as of now this product becomes more and more incomplete.

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