Swinput – Korean / English virtual keyboard for Symbian ^3 / Anna / Belle

Nokia Symbian phones are good but they lacked native Korean input support which prevented me from using it as my daily phone. But now that problem is no more as a Korean developer at SwForge has made a Qt-based Korean/English keyboard called swinput that can replace the default Symbian keyboard. It supports both landscape and portrait qwerty input modes (for both English/Korean) and has the usual symbols and numbers as well. I have tested it working with Symbian Anna also and I’m happy to say it works perfectly. UPDATE OCT 5th 2011: Have tested in the leaked version of Symbian Belle on my N8 and I can say that it works perfectly also.

What’s great about this keyboard is that it seamlessly replaces the default keyboard and even overrides Swype. But it is also very easily “closed” so that you can revert back to swype or default vkb as needed. The flat design looks quite similar to the Windows Phone 7 keyboard  and is highly responsive. It does not look or feel like some dodgy 3rd party keyboard at all.

– Latest release version as of writing this article was 0.1.0.
– You will need Qt 4.7.2 or higher installed. (Symbian Anna is already that)
– You will need a Korean truetype font and be using it as the main font. (same way as changing fonts on any Symbian phones)

1. swinput is provided as a .sis file and can be downloaded here. (Important -> It is unsigned)
2. You  will need to install both swfepplugin.sis and swinput_unsigned.sis (order isn’t important)
3. Once installed, you will see an app icon for it to “launch” the swinput.
4.  It needs to be launched “once” after reboot. From then on, it will appear as the default keyboard everywhere.
5. Simply tap and hold on the Tick/Settings button to show the Settings screen where you can “close” the keyboard permanently. (when you want to use default vkb/swype)
6. Then you can launch swinput again when needed.


0. It can be started like an app, use it, then you can close the swinput altogether from its settings screen. This will allow you to use Swype or default VKB again. There is no need to reboot to switch between Swype and swinput.
1. It supports various forms of Korean input (EZ, CJI, SKY, Qwerty)
2. It supports portrait and landscape qwerty for both English / Korean.
3. It supports side swipes to get access to more symbols
4. Supports full copy/cut/paste with intuitive full screen touch text selection.
5. It can be set to auto-start upon phone powerup
6. It can be hidden so it doesn’t show up in task switcher
7. It supports various font / background colours
8. It supports automatic or on-demand orientation change

There are some things to watch out for if you cannot read Korean however:
– Settings section is mostly written in Korean (but you only need to go in there once or twice)
– Keyboard always starts in Korean layout first (1 tap needed to switch to English each time)

 This acts as OK to input or Settings if held for a second.

 This changes the orientation manually. (for those who disabled auto-sensor orientation on the phone including myself)

 This when held down makes the keyboard transparent to see the screen you are typing into. (useful for chat/conversations)


The settings menu is side-scrollable and is in 3 sections. Colours, Input and Misc. (from left to right)

Left = Colours (You can play with the settings here. You’ll see the visual changes immediately)
Middle = Input Mode (Choose QWERTY and choose the AUTO orientation mode which is the third one from the bottom)
Right = Misc (From below it is Exit/Autostart/Hide from task manager. Exit will “close” the swinput vkb and stop it from appearing. Autostart doesn’t seem to work. Use “Hide” if you don’t want it to display it in the task switcher.)

I really don’t expect a non-Korean to use this virtual keyboard. But you never know. So I hope this has helped at least someone out there. =)

SwForge Official Website

9 thoughts on “Swinput – Korean / English virtual keyboard for Symbian ^3 / Anna / Belle”

  1. Thanks a lot for the info! I’ve been trying to get my N8 to show (and be able to type) Korean for the last hour with no success…
    Would you be able to send me a link or a file to a font I can put on my N8 (resource/font as 4 different files) to display Korean, and possibly Chinese character and other languages? I’ve tried all sorts of fonts but not one was able to display it. I would especially like a font that resembles the original Nokia font and can read Korean..
    Thank you once again.

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  2. Finally…. a Virtual KB for Korean for the Nokia!!!! 😉

    Bye Bye Nokia Swype…. can’t wait any longer!

    Thanks! Thumb up 0

    1. Yes. It works in Anna and Belle.

      The 2 files are at the top right of that page.
      You should see 첨부파일(2) with the (2) in red color.
      Click on that and you will see the 2 files.
      Then click on the left link for each file to direct download.

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  3. Hi! I have a problem with my E7 and Belle. I can use your nice keyboard but if I write something and exit the keyboard I just get the squares. When I open it again with the keyboard (continue writing) I can read it again. I can read everything on naver or other korean websites. Just my own messages or notes are ureadable. Any tipps?


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