Fennec gives Nokia N9 the ability to display Flash content

Well, I have put this tidbit in my other N9 article but I think this is interesting enough to warrant a separate post.

Here’s what Konttori said today: (btw, he said Fash… So maybe it’s somthing else? LOL)

Fash is supported in fennec, but not in the default browser. We wanted to keep a clear differentiation between “desktop” -alike browsing and mobile browsing. Default browser focuses entirely in one handed use and relaxed browsing, where as fennec just does it all and acts like a desktop browser (tabs and all)

Basically, the default N9 web browser doesn’t support Adobe Flash content but you an still get flash content while browsing by using a different web browser called Fennec. It is a full blown mobile version of Firefox and Fennec is just a codename for the project. We are unsure what version of Flash is supported in Fennec for N9 but any flash version is better than none I guess.

To give more info about Fennec, it has support for tab browsing, firefox mobile plugins, firefox sync and desktop page rendering to name a few. Please check this link for more information about this web browser. Well, all I can say is that this web browser will surely become one of the most popular applications when N9 is released!

Now I just need the N9…


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