In-house Nokia N9 hands on video (Now 2 videos)

Here is the video that I took while I was at the Nokia Australia media event in Sydney.

Sorry about the quality and it being mostly out of focus. I only had the E7 and it can’t focus very close. (Due to EDoF) Can’t believe that I forgot to take my proper digital camera to take the video. I won’t be forgetting that the next time!

Please note that this test N9 device had 5-23 sofwatre version. The one at Singapore had 5-24 version I believe. I expect the retail version to have even a more newer version. So please take that into account when watching this video.

[vsw id=”2qkf4iaQyHg” source=”youtube” width=”550″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]



Here’s another video which I didn’t really plan to upload. It was taken when we FIRST got the N9 in our hands. We didn’t even know how to use it properly and it was a very dark environment to really provide anything meaningful. But for those who crave on anything new for the N9, here it is. As I said before, I wish I had the N9 again for just 1 hour! Then I would be able to really film something useful now that I know so much about the UI and its capabilities. Ah well….

btw, the other phone which was put next to the N9 was the SGS2.

[vsw id=”wfcmNfUjpRE” source=”youtube” width=”550″ height=”350″ autoplay=”no”]

10 thoughts on “In-house Nokia N9 hands on video (Now 2 videos)”

  1. Well, i know its no N8 or N900 or E7..but strewth the UI is amazingly functional and simple for a smartfone.. Any noob could use it.. even me..
    Ok , so it wont replace my N8, but im getting one anyway..It looks and works great..

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    1. Well, I expect this can easily replace your N8 once the apps start rolling in. This has as good camera (well, close enough to not care too much), apparently one of the brightest LED, better display and same/better ability to play all the HD video files, most of the popular social networking integrated out of the box etc. It definitely gives you a better experience in terms of how much faster / smoother it is compared to any previous Nokia phone.

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    1. Hey Wallace~! Yes, SGS2 is still the winner in many fronts. (apps, community support, hardware, multimedia capability, customizability) But N9 has that “something” which makes it really unique/special. (OS, UI, Multitasking capability, dev potential, unique factor etc) It’s weird but I want the N9 MUCH more than I ever wanted the SGS2. (I bought and sold the SGS2 remember. hehe)

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    2. All this going for the N9 and it is still not released as yet to the general public so if this review is anything to go by then i think we have a clear winner by the time it is on the shelf !.
      Many thnks to Jay for the review and video great stuff !.

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    1. Yes. It’s still in progress. I think I will finish it within next day or two. It’s becoimg longer than anticipated. haha.

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