Nokia N9 Lannku reference found in & leaked pic!

A user by the name of truong0123 has found a reference to the Nokia N9 – Lannku device at the official Nokia Vietnam website within the sourcecode of the homepage!

That banner (below) also points to 21 – 06 – 2011 as the day when it will be all revealed!

Well, this pretty much settles it.

We will see this new Nokia Harmattan (aka Maemo6) N9 device tomorrow!

I hope I get to try it out at the event tomorrow… (but not keeping my hope up…)



Seems like this might be the very first “leak” photo of the real N9. (it looks pretty much identical to the photo that I have) It seems the phone will come in various colors also. Not bad!


More leaked pics appear from pocketnow and engadget. See them in my main rumour mill post.


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