Nokia to “disrupt” market with new device on June 21st

I just got invited to the highly anticipated Nokia Event held on June 21st here in Sydney~! I’m not sure if I can attend it yet due to work commitments but at least we now know that there “will” be a new “yet-unknown” device which will be announced that day. Nokia has been using the word “distrupt” whenever they mentioned their Meego device. So the fact that they actually used this word for this event’s invitation is telling me that it’s going to be most likely related to the heavily rumoured Nokia Meego device. Less than 1 week to go to find out! (I just got told from Nokia that I can watch the live feed of the event if I can’t make it in person. nice.)

Nokia to “disrupt” market with new device

You are invited to join us for a casual lunch and a sneak preview of Nokia’s newest, soon-to-be-named device

Date: Tuesday 21st June, 2011

The new device will be unveiled and demonstrated for the first time by Kurt Bonnici, product and technology marketing manager at Nokia Australia. There will also be a live broadcast of Stephen Elop’s keynote speech from the Nokia Connection conference in Singapore.

Please note this will be a product demonstration only. In his role as product manager, Kurt will only be available to answer technical questions relating to the new device.


I am now going to the event in person. (requested day off work to go)
It better be worth it! =P

P.S. You can follow me on Twitter if you want live update tweets from the event as it goes along. (I’ll be tweeting using my trusty old N900)


You can find the main Nokia Connection 2011 Singapore event programme here:


For those who aren’t invited to the event, you can still watch the keynote LIVE at www.nokiaconnection.net still.

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