Nokia N9 launch event next week? (Answer was NO)

It seems Nokia may be holding a Nokia N9  launch event next week in UK! (final name of the device is still unknown.

One of the members at TMO who’s “in the know” NvyUs have posted saying:

“Some Bloggers have been invited to an Event next week in UK, couple are saying openly its the N9 launch, Time Will Tell”

Then a few TMO members googled around and zymo found some tweets to indicate this event:

Woot, @WOMWorldNokia got me all excited for next week’s event… Nokia is really thinking BIG for that one

@RiccWebb Nokia releases N9, bam, I said it xD @Nokia_Fan

I’ve searched around the web but could not find much more about the event whatsoever. (not even the existence of such event.

So all we can do is wait.  =P


Sergejs is now in UK for this Mysterious Nokia event held today in UK. I guess we’ll find soon enough if this has anything to do with anything we want to here. =P!/_Nexus/


OKAY. The news is out. It’s not what “I” wanted…. but maybe some will find it intriguing………….

Yeah…. I’m totally excited about this…… really……. not…….

4 thoughts on “Nokia N9 launch event next week? (Answer was NO)”

  1. Lets hope it is a positive announcement from Nokia for a change.With all the doom and gloom around them at the moment they will probably be saying the N9 is cancelled and Samsung now own them.I am a positive person however so heres hoping for a N9 to come out within a few weeks.

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