Nokia N9-01 / Lankku Meego Phone – Leaks/Info/Rumour

– I have been invited to the Nokia event held on June 21 where they will announce this new phone.
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This Nokia Meego phone teaser video was leaked and then was pulled down by Nokia: (but not all…)

[vsw id=”JdSx_T3Em_g” source=”youtube” width=”500″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

This video was disected by many online sites including engadget, mynokiablog etc. So I won’t go through much here. Basically, it shows a qwerty keyboard device (Codename Dali or N9-00) with a high resolution-looking display, Symbian Anna icons, unique UI/UX etc. Since this leak, there has been endless discussions at many forums. I will try to pick out what seems “very believable” or “seem true”.

Please note, I will constantly update this post (both summary and at the end) whenever there is something new to add.

Summary of fairly believable information from fairly reputable people so far: (Updated – June 11)
– The device showing in the teaser video is apparently a discontinued developer only device and not for sale.
– Consumer version of the device will not have a hardware keyboard an 12MP camera apparently.
– Final name of the consumer device is unknown. (Official codename is  LANKKU or some call it N9-01)
– From a reputable member at TMO, it apparently will use the same CPU as Nokia’s first WP7 phones.
– So possibly STE U8500 dual core SoC with Mali-400 GPU. (or maybe single core Snapdragon CPU or OMAP3)
– CONFIRMED – FWVGA resolution CBD AMOLED or LCD. (K123 asked a Senior Nokia person)
– CONFIRMED – 64GB built-in storage and no MicroSD slot. (this was the case for K123’s test consumer device)
– CONFIRMED – 8MP AF camera with LED flash. (according to K123’s test consumer device)
– CONFIRMED – No hardware keyboard. (for the consumer devices at least)
– CONFIRMED – MicroSIM card. (according to K123’s test consumer device)
– CONFIRMED – Meego / Harmattan OS (but a Nokia variant of it)
– CONFIRMED – USB OTG and HDMI output. (by tswindell)
– CONFIRMED – 2-action physical camera shutter button (I personally hate phones that do not have this)
– CONFIRMED – Revolutionary UI/UX. As seen by the teaser, has side swiping gestures. Much like virtual desktops. Also has live thumbnails Maemo5 style.
– Some say it might be some special power coated material possibly related to this patent

Most of this is from certain “insiders” at TMO (

– says he has few internal contacts and KNOWS for a FACT that there will be 2 devices.
– also says that we will not be getting the dev device (which has hw qwerty) but we will not want it when we see the non-qwerty consumer model due to MUCH better specs. There will be about a month gap between dev device and consumer device release.

– says he has the keyboard-less consumer device for testing. (but under NDA)
– he also says the same things as NvyUs in a much more “certain” tone.
– Basically, non-qwerty model is what we’ll get and we’ll want it instead.

Here are some of his hints on its hw:
– “hardware not competing with SGS2 but it won’t be required. ”
– “You will never feel lack of power like you do in N900 (stock) Plus very powerful GPU ”
(me – interesting. Might not be dual core. (see below about UI/UX))

His reply to somone saying it will get bashed by media for not having hw keyboard:
– “Have you seen it ? Have you used the OS ? Once you do , it will all make sense. “Our Next Sense” remember that. I dont see how media will find something to bash in this. Yeah they could say this is not Android lol but man.. after this. MeeGo ftw !”

Other tid bits:
– “No Alien Dalvik , very good communications integration.. imo even better and modern than N900. ”

To a question asking if it’s something never seen before:
– “UI / UX , Nothing like this before. Also optimization. The kind of stuff this does on a “normal” CPU is phenomenal..
– “As i said , UI / UX is very very interesting. You’ll have to see it to understand what i mean.”
– Swipe – movie – swipe – app – swipe – back to movie. Multitasking suing side swiping getures.
(me – Very intereting. I think there might be a lot of native gesture controls. Just look at last part of the teaser video to get an idea.


– “Just thought I should give you a heads up. You’ll love the consumer device even without keyboard. Nokia is using a patented, new technology, not seen in any other device in the market.”
(me – well, things like this really interests me. Something new. Such as proper location based haptic feedback, raised texture touch screen that you can actually feel (haptikos) etc.)


– He now does not have the device as he had to give it back after testing. He confirms that the phone Elop pulled out of his pocket at D9 conference is same looking as what he had.
– Anothr tidbit is about its capability during multi-tasking. “i copied some 720p video and mostly play. sorry dont remember which did not. This does one thing Andro do not. 720p playing , slide to side, see UI behind it while still play. This is everywhere, even when reco on cam. very very cool ! jejejeje”


Thanks to an insider at TMO, I got to see the device and its multitasking UI via couple of photos. (proper non-blurry photos!) All I can say is that the device looks VERY much like the concept phone which was shown a while back and a sketch drawn by a member at TMO. Looks very sleek yet retains that “Nokia” look to it. Unlike the concept phone rendering, actual unit doesn’t have any button on the front and the actual display underneath the glass is smaller than the glass itself. All I can say is that it looks real nice though.


– Latest drawing by nikrohr@TMO based on his and my photo observation of the “real thing”:

Also, I’ve been shown another photo of how you can swipe off a currently playing video off to the side and bring up another window/app. It looks way too cool. The video just simply swipes off the screen following the tip of your finger to show another app/launcher seemingly underneath it. (it’s like a virtual desktop on top of another and you simply swipe it to the side to reveal what’s below it) This is all with the video still playing in the background even during/after it’s swiped off the screen. WOW.  Basically, it was a photo with half of the screen showing the video and half showing the launcher with the icons (seemingly 3D like as the launcher really looks like it’s underneath the video overlay.. Maybe some nice shadow effect at the edge of where the video/launcher meets…)

Here’s a drawing which K123 made to show what I mean. This pic is basically depicting App1 what was full screen that you swipe off to the left to reveal App2 in the background. As you swipe the App1 more off to the left, more of App2 appears until it covers the entire screen. (App1 is still running in the background. It could be a video playing, a web browser or it could even be recording a video!)


Okay. This is a followup to what zehjotkah posted few days back about the “patented, new technology, not seen in any other device in the market” that is being used on the N9. Well, it seems a TMO member nikrohr has found what it is after zehjotkah put up a blog post with a bit more info. Simply put, it’s a transparent layer on top of the screen that provides electro-tactile “localized” haptic feedback. So you can actually “feel” the individual button presses underneath your finger tips unlike the current “vibrate the entire phone” upon touch. For more info, please read the original post:

TMO Post –

Now I don’t know about you but I’m really curious how this will “feel” as it is a completely new technology that no other phone has currently.



A member at TMO just posted this. Not sure where it is from exactly or how genuine it is. But if it is, we can pretty much assume the RM680 (which most of us are assuming is the hardware keyboard “DEV” version) has a 1GHz CPU (no idea if it’s single/dual core) and 512MB RAM and around 512MB of swap. This doesn’t really tell us much about the rumoured consumer Lankku device though. =(


UPDATE – June 21 (Last Update for this rumour post!?) has somehow got their paws on what looks like the official press renderings of the Nokia N9 which will be announced TODAY. I can confirm that this looks near identical to the test N9 device photo that I have seen. However, the test device did not have a curved convex looking screen that these seem to show. So either they made changes to it from the test device or these renders are slightly off. Anyways, all I can say is that the phone looks great!

latest: Engadget has published the “real” photos of the test N9 device and this one does match the photo that I have.




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  1. Be nice to see when it actually eventuates..Something like E7 without keyboard will suit me..

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  2. Do more digging Jay I am sure you will find that this phone will be the most awesome phone released.Great website and thanks for making it easier to write comments.Do you have any idea when this beast will be released?

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    1. Thanks. =)

      If it goes as planned, it should be announced in June 21 at Nokia Event.
      Then should be released to market in August/September apparently.

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  3. Good job dude! Thanks for gathering all that stuff in here.
    Let´s hope it´s going to be good next week. I´m trying not to drool on my keyboard here. =)

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  4. Jay regarding your latest update…
    How does that compare “hardware wise” to the latest phones nowadays?

    It’s not a big deal at all really is it…
    Assuming the software’s less “bloaty” than other platforms, it’s usually hackable in such a way that it is.


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    1. Well, if we assume it’s just a single core 1GHz, there are only a few possible SoC’s that are available. None of them are powerful enough to tackle demanding 1080p videos and is considered 2010 technology at best. (eg. SGS1, most of 2009/2010 HTC phones etc had that spec already) That doesn’t bode well for being Nokia’s latest top end 2011 device. (even if the OS is da bomb) Look at latest HTC/Samsung/Motorola/LG phones all using much faster dual core CPUs with super fast 3D gaming GPU and with 1GB RAM etc.Just having good specs alone is good enough to get customers that don’t know any better.

      Yes, the OS can be lighter but that can only do so much. Loading times, multi-tasking performance, multimedia capability etc is still heavily governed by what hardware is inside. So at the end, faster hardware will be beneficial even if the OS is less bloaty than Android. Especially considering the open source part of Meego. It just allows the dev to do more. Also, they cannot ignore the tech junkies who only care about mine-is-1.5-terahertz with 8 gigabytes of RAM and 100 megapixel camera. Marketing can benefit greatly if it has the latest technology even if it’s not fully utilized.

      Well, I can only hope N9/Lankku will have STE U8500 inside at least. We will find out around 14 hours from now. =)

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