Nokia WP8 phones will use Dualcore ST-Ericsson U8500 SoC!

ST Ericsson CEO said Nokia Windows Phone 8 mobile phones will be using their own U8500 dual core SoC (system on chip) with a Mali-400 GPU. (Same GPU used as the Samsung  Galaxy S2)

Considering how smooth Windows Phone 7 runs on current Qualcomm single core CPU with slower GPUs, it will be very interesting to see how much improvements we will see out of it.

But at least it will mean higher resolution dispplay support, better game graphics, up to 1080p videos etc.
But we can’t get too excited yet as the Mango update (aka Windows Phone 7.5) hasn’t even been released.
So I doubt we will see any devices using these new hardware until possibly next year.

Update June 8th – Seems Nokia is now targetting for Q4 2011 launch of some of their WP phones!

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