NITdroid 0.0.9 for N900 released (Android 2.2.1)

N900 NITdroid master Alexey Roslyakov (aka e-yes / dunkdebugger) has released NITdroid 0.0.9 for N900 today!

Full changelog is yet to be written out but here’s a short change log that he has mentioned so far:
– ofono-0.36
– ofono-ril-0.0.6
-USB Mass Storage Mode (UMS) support
(new kernel is needed, will be released soon)
– apps on SD card support (new kernel is needed again)
A bunch of little improvements and bugfixes.

I have just tried it on my N900 and so far so good.

You still cannot use it as a “phone” as there is no sound when making/receiving calls.
You can receive SMS but not send SMS as well. (this was already the case in 0.0.8)
Lastly but not least, GPS does not work either. So can’t use google navigation just yet. doh!

For more info, refer to following links: (announcement) (official TMO thread) (twitter) (full how-to-install guide)

Update: (currently without the new kernel)
– USB mass storage works. (eMMC only)
– Vibration works.
– Battery charging works.
– 3G data works.
– wifi works. (but doesn’t seem very fast or strong)
– Market fix works -> LINK
– Overclocking using setcpu works. (or just use power.conf method)
– Xvid video playback using RockPlayer works.
– Pretty much all apps work

Update #2:
– Onscreen keyboard bug fixed! (numbers now work)

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