Nokia is NOT connecting people. Not me anyways.

I’m a fan of Nokia phones. But everytime I see this logo, I have to laugh. As Nokia phones are the only ones disconnecting me from my friends, family and the web when compared to Android or iOS phones due to lack of Korean support. MANY of my asian friends including myself (Korean) require our “smartphones” to display our languages for SMS, Emails and internet web pages. Also, we require the ability to write in our asian languages so that we can interact and not just “read”.

Android has it. iPhone has it. Symbian? (even Symbian^3) Not really. Not to a lot of people anyways.

I live in Australia. This means that NONE of Nokia phones sold in Australia has proper CJK (Chinese Japanese Korean) support. Nearly all of them cannot read and definitely has no write capability. Many of my friends do not buy Nokia just for this fact now. Other platforms from Apple and Google support this pretty much out of the box! 

Last month, my parents wanted an affordable phone which they can send sms in Korean to their families in Korea and also to me. I got them an Android phone as there was no other choice. My wife wanted one also but with even more Korean apps. So I had to get her an iPhone. I would have got them a Nokia phone if Korean was supported. Way to go Nokia. You are losing customers left right and center due to this and are you actually doing anything about it?

I know of all the hack methods such as putting fonts in a certain folder for it to display “some” asian languages but this breaks OVI Store app on the new Symbian^3 platform so this sux. There are also apps which provide ability to write Korean and then copy-paste into sms or email etc. But this is just not acceptable and is quite annoying. I want a proper native method for Korean input. Both horizontal and vertical qwerty just like ALL Android and iPhones.

Seems like no one at Nokia cares about Asian users (especially Korean) living in other countries that’s for sure. Nokia’s slogan is “Connecting People” but it certainly isn’t connecting me to any of my mates (or my parents now) as I cannot email, sms, chat nor put a comment on their facebook/twitter in Korean with my brand spanking new N8.

I really hope you have plans for global language support in the schedules major Symbian OS updates next year. Just adding native CJK support alone will ensure you sell more phones all over the world. Guaranteed.

So Nokia. Learn from your enemies and please start doing what your slogan says.

In saying all this, my “awesome” Nokia N900 does support Korean (read/write) after installing an alternative IME. (not created by Nokia)

P.S. I guess I’m more so affected by all this language issue on Nokia phones due to the requirement of Korean language. But considering other major competitors all support it, it is about time Nokia does it too.

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  1. So it is for me – to find a Ukrainian keyboard on n900 (one of the Nokia’s “cool” “communicators”) I need to have good experience of using Linuxes and waste couple of hours to “screw” the system, editing xkb files. U-u-unbelievable task – to get your native alphabet in a “cool maemo os” of a “cool communicator”!

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  2. Just to update, Nokia Symbian Anna still does not support Korean input natively. There is now a replacement keyboard created by a community developer in Korea but still isn’t perfect as it doesn’t work properly in some apps.

    However, there is some good news! Swype @ Nokia has stated that Korean (and many other languages) should be supported before the final release of Swype 2.0. I expect this to be sometime within the next 2-3 months. (but you never know with these things)


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