Received Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth headset

Got this baby only 2 days ago. It looks great. Build quality is quite good also. Very light. But for me, it’s quite uncomfortable and doesn’t align well with my ears. So I can’t get a secure insertion into my ears and hence nearly all the bass is lost. My friend tried it however and he can get it to sit comfortably in his ear and has no issues with sound loss that I experience. hmmm. I wish these had adjustable angles for the ear pieces. Gawd. They designed it for just 1 type of head shape and not for anyone else. Grrr.

When I do press them into my ear by hand though, the sound quality is excellent. Well, excellent for a bluetooth stereo headset which only costs around $60 delivered here in Oz that’s for sure. Bass is strong but not bloated and highs are quite pronounced. A bit too bright for my liking in some music but maybe it just needs some wearing in.

So I’ll use it at least for a week or two more before writing a full report on it. (hopefully a full review)

3 thoughts on “Received Nokia BH-505 Bluetooth headset”

  1. You should try the s10-hd or backbeat 903+ coming to oz very soon hopefully.
    Might be a better fit….
    MM 100 might also be pretty sweet, although it’s pricey, being a Sennheiser.
    I was able to find a retailer who would do much lower than it’s currently going for.


    Thanks! Thumb up 0

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